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My Top 5 TV Shows that help to unwind

These TV Shows are my Top selection. I personally watched them at least 2 times each.


This Tv Show was made with a participation of National Geographic , so it is sure a good video to watch.

History with Dramatic Details

"The Right Stuff contains some grace notes in its depiction of America's first slate of astronauts, but this tired retread of Tom Wolfe's famed book mostly makes the wrong moves in revitalizing space race history for the modern era."

This show gives us a glimpse on a major US history event - launching the first astronauts in space.Every episode is full of the feel of the 60`s era with its customs, traditions and family values ,which are not as perfect as it seems from imagining of the ordinary family of those times.

Actors who left the most impression

The lead actors of the show are Jake McDorman as Alan Shepard, Patric J.Adams as John Glenn and Colin O`Donoghue as Gordon Cooper. These three actors playing the spacemen out the group of seven left the deepest impression on me.

Each one of them has a complicated and some could say even a controversial inner world, which makes them the strongest candidates for being the first man in space, but who would make it at the end?Well, we all know the American history ,so it is not a secret that the first man in space was Alan Shepard - in my opinion and despite all the mistakes he did and issues he had , the one who deserved it most.

Yes, someone could say, after watching these series, that John Glenn was the one and only for this role, he was the one who desired it most, who lived and breathed dreaming of being the first,but...and this is again just my personal opinion, he didn`t have as strong personality as Shepard.

All of the seven astronauts made it to space, and became a history as bravest men .Respect!

Movie or Reality

Yes, of course, these Tv Series are not documentaries ,which means we have to understand that producers didn`t just speculate on facts but added some drama for the real feel of such major historical event.

Get Inspired

I think what made the biggest impression on me is the fact, that if really want something bad-you will get it one way or another,if you work hard,if you are consistent and if you are willing to sacrifice in order to get closer to your dream.


This TV Show is partly futuristic but it is full of historical facts which makes this movie worth watching!

Be involved in historical events.

This TV Series will catch you attention from the first episode by simply recreating the Hindenburg disaster.

This show is about the most intriguing thing in the whole world- time travel!!

Yes,let`s be honest to ourselves, we all want to go to a certain moment in the past ,to live it again,to cherish it ,or opposite, to change it and your life along with it.

Trust me , you will not be able to stop watching this show after the first episode, because you will be curious what is going to happen next, which era they will go next and how they will change it!

Actors who left the most impression.

Lead cast for this show are Matt Lanter as Wyatt Logan ,Abigail Spencer as Lucy Preston ,Malcolm Barrett as Rufus Carlin,Goran Višnjić as Garcia Flynn.

Each and one of them played their characters with outstanding excellence.

Movie or Reality

After watching these series you will see the historical events from the new perspective.

I especially recommend to watch this to teenagers and people who are not very familiar with all the historical facts ,because this movie is full of it,like dates and names you will remember after watching it.

Get Inspired

After watching each episode, i did a research on the specific event, starting from the first one-Hindenburg-which left the deepest impression on me.

The producers recreated all the details from clothes to music and vibe in general-great show!


Well, fairytales..not of us, adults, believes, not everyone likes it, but.. these TV Series are different.. They catches my attention right away, although i was skeptical about watching it ,wasting my time,but it is hard to explain...i guess the best way to put it is that some people need to escape from reality .This show is for the dreamers.

"We are guys who like to see the world as half-full,not half-empty"

Actors who left the most impression

Jennifer Morrison as Emma Swan, crazy but i named my daughter after her character.

Robert Carlyle as Rumplestiltskin / Mr. Gold , amazing, incredibly talented actor who showed great evil and kindness live closely together in on person.

Colin O'Donoghue as Killian Jones.I really love this actor for his honesty. No matter who he plays , i always believe him.

Movie or Reality

This fairytale is for adults as we need an escape from everyday life and problems too, we need to believe in something beautiful ,something that helps us to realize how big this world is truly is that we can`t be certain that something we believe doesn`t really exist.

Get Inspired

The main purpose of this show, in my opinion, is to help one to find his inner self, although sometimes it might seem that we are bad, cruel or selfish, reality is opposite, we just need to have a little believe in ourselves, in other people, in their better selves.

# 4 LOST

I believe many people watched this show and no one left with no emotions after watching it, as this show is complicated, it shows different sides of human nature

Make yourself believe

This is a very complicated show that makes you not only fantasize but also think.That is the beauty of it. By starting to think that this could happen to you , the appreciation of the life we have comes forward.

Actors who left the most impression.

  • Matthew Fox

  • Josh Holloway

  • Evangeline Lilly

There are who group of main actors in this tv show but this is the list of the ones who i got the most interest in.

Get Inspired

This show is incredible and worth watching.Smart scenario and the choice of characters is unbelievable.You may recognize yourself in one of them and imagine how would you behave being stuck on the inhabited island.


Fringe.This TV Show let me escape to the parallel world when i need most. When i needed a believe that such world exists, that the people we lost here are actually alive and live a happy life in a parallel universe.

"This show helped me at times when i was most vulnerable, when i lost my father, i found an escape .I made myself to believe that he continues to live in a parallel universe ,being happy ,living the life he always dreamt of."-Me.

Make yourself believe

This show helped me at times when i was most vulnerable.

The main idea of these series is to make one believe ,that our existence is not the only one possible, that we are still very

Actors who left the most impression.

  • Anna Torv

  • Joshua Jackson

  • John Noble

Movie or Reality

The whole movie is a fantasy, but is it? Is there a proof that we are the only ones in the universe? How can we deny the existence of something else just because we don`t see it? maybe they don`t see us too?:)

Get Inspired

Read!! Research!! Find your own purpose in life !!Watch TV for relaxation ,but also for thinking about your own life , about your purpose!

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